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메이드 인 어비스 64화 번역, 새로운 발견과 놀라움이 가득한 에피소드!

64화 1~25P 완료 - 메이드 인 어비스 마이너 갤러리

메이드 인 어비스 64화 번역

※이번 기사는 미디어 방식에 따라 스포일러가 포함 될 수 있습니다※

Popular Japanese manga-turned-anime, “Made in Abyss”, returned with its 64th episode on August 14th. The anime, based on Akihito Tsukushi’s manga series, has been gaining increasing popularity with its unique storyline and incredible animation.

Set in a fantasy world, the story follows the adventures of an orphan girl named Riko, who discovers a mysterious, vast abyss known as the “Abyss” and embarks on a journey to search for her missing mother. Along the way, she befriends a robotic boy named Reg and together, they venture deeper into the abyss, facing various dangers and obstacles.

The 64th episode, titled “SPOILER ALERT: Star Compass”, features Riko and Reg’s journey through the fifth layer of the abyss, known as the “Sea of Corpses”. The duo is searching for a legendary artifact called the “Star Compass”, which can guide them to the bottom of the abyss.

As they navigate through the perilous layer, they encounter a group of terrifying creatures known as “Corpse Eaters”. These creatures, resembling giant mantises, can devour humans and other creatures in mere seconds. Riko and Reg must use their skills and wits to avoid capture and continue their journey.

The episode also features stunning animation and visuals, showcasing the intricate details of the abyss and the creatures that inhabit it. Fans have praised the show’s animation and attention to detail, which bring the world of “Made in Abyss” to life.

Overall, “Made in Abyss” continues to captivate audiences with its unique plot, stunning visuals, and complex characters. Fans eagerly anticipate the next episodes, as Riko and Reg venture deeper into the abyss and uncover the mysteries that lie within.


Q: Is “Made in Abyss” suitable for children to watch?

A: Despite its vibrant visuals and cute character designs, “Made in Abyss” is not suitable for children. The anime features graphic violence, mature themes, and disturbing imagery, which may not be appropriate for young viewers.

Q: How many seasons of “Made in Abyss” are there?

A: Currently, there is only one season of “Made in Abyss”. However, a sequel film, titled “Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul”, was released in January 2020.

Q: Is the manga series worth reading?

A: Absolutely! The manga series contains even more details and plot developments than the anime, making it a must-read for fans of the series. However, like the anime, the manga is not suitable for young readers due to its mature themes and violence.

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“메이드 인 어비스 64화 번역” 관련 동영상 보기

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메이드 인 어비스 64화 번역 관련 이미지

메이드 인 어비스 64화 번역 주제와 관련된 49개의 이미지를 찾았습니다.

64화 번역 - 메이드 인 어비스 마이너 갤러리
64화 번역 – 메이드 인 어비스 마이너 갤러리
64화 1~25P 완료 - 메이드 인 어비스 마이너 갤러리
64화 1~25P 완료 – 메이드 인 어비스 마이너 갤러리
64화 1~25P 완료 - 메이드 인 어비스 마이너 갤러리
64화 1~25P 완료 – 메이드 인 어비스 마이너 갤러리

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